By Catherine Stirland

Dream Catcher Game Wheel


  • Game Name: Dream Catcher Live
  • Game Producer: Evolution Gaming
  • Minimum Bet: 10c
  • Maximum Win: $500,000
  • RTP: 90.57% to 96.58%

For those who love the thrill of playing at a land-based casino, Live Casino games are the closest thing you can get to the real experience when playing online. Evolution Gaming are the masters at producing top quality live dealer games and their Gameshow series that includes Monopoly Live and Dream Catcher, are some of the best that you can find.

In this review we lift the lid on Dream Catcher, showing you how to play, the important stats and features, and how much you can win. We also recommend the best live casinos where you can play Dream Catcher online.

Good luck, and have fun!


Dream Catcher Live is an energetic and fast-paced live dealer game from Evolution Gaming, fronted by professional male and female hosts whose charisma adds to the entertainment. The action is streamed live from video production studios in Europe and the concept is a really simple one: the spin of a giant wheel gives players the chance to win an instant cash prize – something a bit like the famous Wheel of Fortune game popular on TV and made into a famous online slot by IGT Gaming.

Dream Catcher was released in 2017, winning the award for Digital Product of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards. A live host spins the wheel, while players chat and interact using the video streaming technology. Players bet on which number the wheel will land when it stops spinning with prizes going up to a breath-taking $500,000. 


Dream Catcher Live is available at most real money casinos in Canada. Here are 5 recommended sites to try:


Here are the key numbers to keep in mind when you play this game.

The minimum bet on Dream Catcher Live starts at just $0.10, making this a potentially easy play for everyone. The maximum bet depends on the individual casino, but this will often be as high as $5,000, so the game is also a good play for high rollers looking to test their luck on something simple. Players can place bets on any of the numbered sections 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40.

Importantly, there are also two multiplier sections that can boost your payouts by 2x and 7x. These give an added level of excitement to the game which we will come onto in a minute.

The RTP of Dream Catcher stands at 90.57% to 96.58% with the optimum RTP of 96.58% putting it on a par with most online slots. The best spins on the Dream Catcher Live wheel can trigger a top prize of $500,000.

Dream Catcher Game at Live Casinos


Evolution Gaming live is all about the glitz and thrill of a real casino and Dream Catcher captures that atmosphere really well. When you open the game, you’ll see a small stage and a vertical big wheel in the centre of the screen with your host standing to one side. They will guide you through the action, chat to players who interact through the chat box at the foot of the game screen, and generally keep the buzz going throughout your session.  Meanwhile, colourful flashing lights and lively music in the background add to the high energy atmosphere.


The wheel has coloured sections for numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40, along with two sections for the 2x and 7x multipliers. The odds for each bet match the number, so betting on number 1 pays even money, while betting on number 2 pays 2 to 1, betting on number 20 pays 20 to 1, and so on. The most common number is 1, which is why it has the lowest odds. Number 40 appears only once on the wheel, so it pays the highest odds.


If a multiplier lands as the winning section, it will lock bets into place for another spin and the multiplier is applied to the next payout. Spinning more multipliers means even higher potential rewards with the multiplied payout being multiplied again. This is where the biggest prizes can be won!


Placing a bet is simple – you can see your betting options at the bottom of the screen and make a stake using the number pad.

A traffic light system helps players place their bets. The green light shows when to start betting, the amber light means finish betting and the red light indicates to stop betting. You can place bets manually or choose ‘bet on all’ to cover every number. Once bets are placed, the host spins the wheel and wherever the arrow points when the wheel stops will indicate the winning section.


There are various strategies to try when playing Dream Catcher Live. The lowest-risk strategy is to bet exclusively on number 1. This is the most common number, so you will land a winning spin frequently, but the payouts will be small with odds of just 1 to 1. This could be the best way to play if you have a low bankroll.

For a medium-risk strategy, some players like to bet on the numbered sections 1, 2 and 20 to give good coverage of the wheel. This is likely to provide regular frequent small payouts, unless you strike it lucky by hitting the rare 20 section, which pays 20x stake.

A high-risk strategy is to bet only on 40, which will net you 40x stake if this number lands on the wheel. This has the potential for some enormous wins if the multipliers also play a part, but the chances of hitting this are low and you’ll need to good bankroll to try it.

Dream Catcher Live Screen Wheel


Dream Catcher Live is an intuitive game with a bold and cheerful atmosphere. In many ways this feels like a simpler, light-hearted version of Roulette with its spinning wheel and random number wins. The hosts switch over every 30 minutes to keep the commentary fresh and their chat helps to keep entertainment levels high. Evolution streams the game in HD with multiple cameras to create truly immersive gameplay. It’s so simple even the most inexperienced players can join in straight away, while the exuberance of the game and the social element make it a fun change of pace for more experienced gamblers.

Hugely popular with casino players in Canada, this is a must play for anyone who love the thrill of simple, live casino action. Check out Dream Catcher Live now to see why it was crowned Digital Product of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards 2017.