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Play online Baccarat at our list of recommended Baccarat Casinos in Canada. This is one of the most popular as well as the oldest casino games around, made famous by British super-spy, James Bond. Now you can get the 007 experience too playing on mobile or desktop at these real money Baccarat sites. Sign up today and claim a welcome bonus to get started.

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Most people agree that baccarat originated in Italy in the 1400s, created by Felix Falguiere, naming the game ‘baccarra’, which means zero. It makes sense when all the tens and face cards in the pack are worth zero according to the rules of Baccarat.

Over time, the French adopted it to baccarat which is how we know today. There’s also an old tale that the game is based on an old Etruscan legend – check the mythology out online here.

After being around for hundreds of years, baccarat is still one of the most popular casino games. It’s simple to play, so both casual players and high rollers can enjoy the experience, and it’s fast-paced, and comes with a low house edge, which means you have a good chance of making a profit.

No wonder it’s so popular!


Baccarat is one of the easiest of the casino card games to play.

These are the standard rules, though there are variations on this format that we will explain further down the page:

  • In most cases Baccarat is played with SIX or EIGHT decks of 52 cards;
  • There are two hands dealt – one to the dealer, one to the banker;
  • Each hand consists of two cards, face up;
  • Only the rightmost digit counts in double digit hands;
  • The winning hand is the one that is closest in total to 9;
  • Bets are placed on the winner being the Player or the Dealer, OR a tie as the outcome;
  • A winning hand pays 1:1;
  • A tie normally pays 8:1 or 9:1;
  • Banker payouts have a 5% commission

It’s as simple as that!

There are variations on this classic format and they are as follows:


This is a French version Baccarat, also known as ‘railroad’ or ‘the railway’ as the table resembles a railway.

When you are playing Chermin de Fer, six decks of cards are used, and 8 to 12 players are required. One is chosen in turn to be the Banker. As the Banker, a player sets the bet level and its up to the others around the table to meet that bet level.

Once bets are made, two cards are dealt face to each of the Banker and the player who made the highest bet. If either checks their cards and finds they have an 8 0r 9, they call it and the round is finished with the greater value hand winning. If neither has 8 or 9 then more cards are drawn.


This is very similar to Chemin de Fer. However, in Punto, the Banker role is taken by the house. The house edge here is just 1.06% and there are seperate rules on what to do if a hand has a total of 5, 6, or 7. Punto is the most popular form of Baccarat in Canada.


This is another variation of the game is the ‘Banque’ way to play. This is different from Chemin as the Banker role is just a figurehead position, as the casino will always remain in control of the bank. After the cards have been dealt, you place a bet on Player or Banker hands at designated boxes on the table.

As well as different table setups and small changes to the rules, different casino operators may also offers variations in gameplay and betting limits. This means you might want to take some time to get used to the different set-ups offered at each casino before choosing your favourite to play at.


In Canada, Baccarat is one of the most popular games available in the live format. Live Baccarat is played in the traditional style rather than Chemin de Fer. Variations like Speed Baccarat and Lightning Baccarat with added multipliers are also found in the live areas of any casino featuring Evolution Gaming software. You can find out more on our Live Casinos page.


When you’re playing at a Baccarat Casino in Canada, there are two things you want. The first is to be playing at a trusted, legal and secure site. The next is to get the best bonuses. Though these two will often come hand in hand as the sites that we recommend have are all legal and safe, and they also offer some of the most lucrative bonuses available.

Casino bonuses come in different forms, from the welcome bonus you will get once you sign up as a new player to all the regular loyalty rewards you will receive during your time wagering online.

No deposit bonuses mean you can get instant funds to use on your favorite Baccarat games, while match bonuses will double-up on the funds you deposit to help you along the way. Remember that not all bonuses will be eligible for Bacccarat because operators are careful about giving away free casino cash for games with such a small house edge. It makes it easy for players to walk away with winnings without spending any of their own money! However, there are still some good live casino bonuses that are eligible for Baccarat, like the ones listed below.

  1. Casino Lab – 100% Match up to $100
  2. Casino Planet- 100% Match up to $100
  3. Casoola – 100% Match up to $100

NOTE: these bonuses will come with very strict wagering requirements due to the 99% RTP on Baccarat. Check the terms before claiming your bonus to know what you are getting.


Nothing quite beats playing baccarat in a real casino, apart from  getting that same experience from the comfort of your own home – which you can do with the live dealer baccarat games that are available at all the casinos listed on this page.

Live casino is one of the biggest growth areas in online gambling in the last decade. Better interaction with the croupiers, high definition visuals, and stunning backdrops (sometimes from inside a casino), now make it into an incredibly realistic experience.

And there are other advantages to live games other than the high production values. You also get feedback from the dealers if you have any questions, and you can interact with other gamblers who are betting at the same table as you.


One of the best live versions of this traditional casino card game is Evolution Gaming’s Baccarat Squeeze. In this version of the game, you get to do the squeezing instead of the dealer. The squeezing is when you slowly reveal the card value, which a dealer would usually physically do. On Baccarat Squeeze, the card values are obscured, and you have the opportunity to reveal them slowly. This helps build up anticipation and excitement in the game. It’s that simple!


There are various strategies that you can use when betting on Baccarat. Here is a short guide to the most popular ones.

  • One-sided – this is just as the name suggests. When you’re placing your bet, you do it on just ‘one side,’ so either you bet on the Player hand or the Banker hand. With a low house advantage on both hands, it’s a popular move to play. Similarly, you may just want to ‘bet with the Banker,’ which is a common, easy move that gives you a better chance of winning and is good if you are new to baccarat.
  • Martingale – The Martingale system involves you adjusting the bets as you proceed. When you’re playing baccarat, the aim is for you to double down on your next bet if you had previously lost the last one. This is a popular technique used across other casino games and financial strategies in stocks and shares. The theory is that the bet gets larger and when you win, you win big. Just don’t go on a long losing streak!
  • Paroli – Sometimes known as the ‘reverse Martingale’ as it’s a positive betting system. Rather than waiting for a losing hand before doubling up, with the Paroli betting system, you should double up every time you win until you lose. The aim is to get three wins in a row.
  • 1,3,2,4 – This system is a fun way to enjoy betting when you’re playing at a Baccarat Casino. The aim is to follow the 1,3,2,4 number pattern. For example, you’d make a base bet of $1, and if you win, you move on to the next value, $3. Another win goes to $2, and… you get the picture. After completing a round, you go back to 1, and if you lose a hand, you go back to 1, too. This method helps you reduce overall losses and keeps everything consistent while you’re playing.


Playing Baccarat online is fun – and now, due to the advancement of technology and evolution of mobile gaming, you can do it on your smartphone, too. This gives you extra flexibility, letting you play at a Baccarat Casino whenever you want, wherever you are. You’re only limited by your connectivity. Even that’s not that limited with the ultrafast internet speeds available today.

All good casino sites in Canada have mobile versions of Baccarat. It is either available in an app form for Android or iOS devices; or websites that have been optimized for HTML5, making it responsive on cell phones. This means you get the same experience as you would on a computer, but it just takes a few taps of the screen as opposed to clicks. The same great graphics, the same baccarat games, and even live dealer offerings.

There are also some casinos with Baccarat that have been created exclusively for mobile users. If you play mainly on your smartphone, then these are the best options for you. They also have exclusive bonuses and promotions that their desktop counterparts don’t have.

So, that wraps up our guide to Baccarat. You are now ready to enjoy playing this excellent game at one of our recommended Baccarat casinos.  Good luck, and have fun!


  • Can I play online baccarat for free?

    There are some sites where you can play baccarat for free. These are HTML5 versions of the games that you can play on your mobile. For this we recommend checking out our list of Microgaming Casinos. Live dealer baccarat is always for real money.

  • Can I win real money playing baccarat online?
    Yes, you can win real money when you play Baccarat at any of the casinos on this page. One of the best options is to play at the live tables where you can play from just a few dollars per hand to $1,000s per hand.
  • Which are the best online baccarat games?

    There are lots of verisons of Baccarat online. The easiest are the live versions of the game that follow the original rules of the game. There is also a Baccart Squeeze format which has been created by Evolution Gaming which is adds suspense with a slow reveal of the card.

  • Does baccarat have better odds than blackjack?
    Both baccarat and blackjack are known for having a low house edge. In baccarat, betting on the banker can give you a house edge of just 1.06%. However, playing the right strategy in blackjack, which is a skill-based game, can bring the house edge down below 1%. So if you know how to play it, blackjack has better odds.
  • Can you count cards when playing baccarat?
    Yes, technically you can count cards in baccarat. You would need to count the number of 10 point cards dealt before the next reshuffle. This can help you work out the expected values and lower the house edge by a small margin.
  • Can I get a bonus to play baccarat online?

    Yes, you can sometimes pick up a bonus to play baccarat. However, due to its very small house edge casino operators are reluctant to offer them on a regular basis and you will find that the wagering terms are very tight. We recommend you try Casino Lab where players can pick up a 100% match bonus for live tables when they join.

  • How do I know online baccarat is not rigged?
    All the baccarat casinos listed on this page are licensed by reputable regulators like the Malta Gaming Authority and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This means they have been fully audited and the games have been rigorously tested to ensure that they are random and fair. To be sure that games are not rigged, only ever play at licensed casinos like these.
  • Are the live rules the same as offline in baccarat?
    Yes, the baccarat games that you play online use the same game rules as traditional land-based casinos. Some operators may include slight variations in format so we suggest that you check on the game info screen or with the croupier at a live table to be sure.