By Catherine Stirland

Crazy Time Game


  • Game Name: Crazy Time Live
  • Game Producer: Evolution Gaming
  • Minimum Bet: 10c
  • Maximum Win: $160,000
  • RTP: 95.4%

In the last decade live casino games have moved to the mainstream of the online casino experience. With improvements in technology and broadband speeds it is now possible to play your favourite table games like you are in Vegas or Macau for real without even needing to leave your own home! Some of the best live action is created by Evolution Gaming whose Gameshow series includes Monopoly Live, Dream Catcher and now this game too, Crazy Time.

Here we explore the Crazy Time game, show you how to play, the important stats and features, and what you can win. We also provide a list of recommended casinos where you can play Crazy Time for real money.

Good luck, and have fun!


Crazy Time is a live game from Evolution Gaming, inspired by Dream Catcher, the popular prize wheel game. Crazy takes the exciting concept of spinning a giant wheel for the chance to win massive cash prizes and adds some extra bonus features. You’ll find a top slot Multiplier and 4 bonus games in addition to the main base game, allowing prize wins of up to 160,000x stake.


Crazy Time is available at all real money casinos in Canada that feature Evolution Gaming live tables. Here are 5 recommended sites to try:


The minimum bet on Crazy Time starts at $0.10, so this is perfectly suited to casual players. It’s also a good play for higher rollers, as the maximum bet will usually be $5,000, although this will depend on your chosen casino. Players can place bets on the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10, in addition to the 4 bonus games: Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko and Crazy Time.

The RTP is 95.4%, which is slightly below average for regular online slots. The luckiest spins on the Crazy Time prize wheel can pay up to $160,000, which might occur if you’re lucky with the Multipliers while playing max bet.


Crazy Time opens with a colourful giant wheel in the middle of the screen, while a host stands to the side. You can view your betting options at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to place bets on the numbers and/or the bonus games.

Each number has a different number of sections attributed to it, altering the odds of the payouts. Number 1 pays 1:1, number 2 pays 2:1, number 5 pays 5:1 and number 10 pays 10:1. You need to place your bets within the 10 second time allowance and the host then spins the wheel. If the wheel stops on a number, it awards a cash prize in accordance with the odds. If the wheel stops on a bonus game section, the relevant bonus game will begin.

There is also a top slot perched above the wheel, which spins at the same time. This will produce a Multiplier, which will be applied to the payout to boost your rewards.

The bonus games:


This is a shooting gallery with 108 random Multipliers covered by symbols. Players fire a canon at the gallery to choose a symbol and win the Multiplier hiding beneath. Each player selects their own target to produce an individual prize.


A coin is flipped to land on either the red or blue side, each revealing a different Multiplier prize.


The host drops a puck onto a Pachinko wall. Players win the Multiplier where the puck lands. If it lands in a Double section, the host will drop it again and the resulting payout will be doubled. The puck can potentially be re-dropped until a 10,000x Multiplier is won.


The rarest bonus game that is entered through a red door. Another huge money wheel is unveiled containing more prizes, surrounded by a virtual world of 3D animation. Players select the yellow, green or blue pointer and the host presses a red button to spin the wheel. When the wheel stops, players win the Multiplier their pointer points to. They can also spin Double and Triple sections, which means the wheel is spun again and the resulting prize is multiplied. The wheel can be re-spun to potentially win a 20,000x Multiplier.


The best strategy is to always bet on the bonus games, whether or not you also bet on the numbers. If you don’t bet on these, you won’t be able to play in them. The bonus games are where the biggest payouts can occur and they are also the most fun!

The lowest-risk strategy is to bet on number 1, as this number occurs most frequently. You’ll get regularly payouts, although the prizes will be relatively small. You could add number 2 to this strategy to create bigger wins with slightly more risk. For a high-risk strategy, you could bet on the high numbers 5 and 10 to give the higher payouts, although these would arrive less often.

Betting on only the bonus games will cover 9 sections out of the 54. This is the highest-risk strategy, but it’s where the biggest wins can occur.

Crazy Time Wheel


Crazy Time is a lively game with an atmosphere that fans of Dream Catcher are sure to love. It contains similar gameplay and betting options, while the bonus game options remind us of Monopoly Live. As with all money wheel games, it bases itself on Roulette and offers an entirely luck-based gambling session. It’s refreshing that players can interact during the bonus games and win individual Multipliers depending on their customised selections. There’s more going on here than with many live games, so it relies less on the hosts to keep the entertainment bubbling along. The only downside is that it can seem complicated to newcomers, who might feel overwhelmed by the bonus games selections.

Crazy Time is already hugely popular and it’s now rivalling Dream Catcher for the prize wheel game of choice! Although the biggest wins advertised are unlikely to trigger, Crazy Time still has some tasty prizes for all pocket sizes.