By Catherine Stirland

Lightning Dice


  • Game Name: Lightning Dice Live
  • Game Producer: Evolution Gaming
  • Minimum Bet: 20c
  • Maximum Win: 500x
  • RTP: 96.03% to 97.3%

In Canada, the live experience is now an integral part of all real money casinos. The option to play table games and exciting new formats with a live croupier and other players around the table is an exciting prospect and about as close to the promise of a real casino on your desktop or phone as you can get. Some of the best games are currently provided by Evolution Gaming who have a series of classic table games alongside bespoke gameshow formats like Crazy Time and Dream Catcher on their roster. This is a review of Lighting Dice, a simple 3 die game with good payout potential and part of the Lightning series that includes Lightning Roulette. Read on to find out all about how to play and popular strategies.


Lightning Dice is a live Dice game from Evolution Gaming combining the excitement of the classic game of Dice with Evolution’s Lightning Multipliers. Players bet on the total sum of three dice and Lightning Multipliers are added to random numbers to create some stunning potential prizes. Lightning Dice takes place in a luxurious black and gold studio with Art Deco design, where live dealers offer players the chance to win up to 1,000x stake in a single play.


Lighting Dice is available at any Canadian casino with the Evolution Gaming series of live games – that is nearly all the casinos reviewed on The Casino Heat.  Here are 5 of our favourites to play at:


The minimum bet on Lightning Dice is $0.20 and the maximum bet is $500 per dice roll, although this may change depending on the casino you play at. This means Lightning Dice is suitable for both low and high rollers with prizes going up to 1,000x stake meaning some incredible rewards are possible.  The RTP for this game is 96.21% which is comparable to regular slot games.

Players can place bets on the total of the three dice with 16 potential outcomes. The betting grid displays the payouts available, which start at 5x stake and go up to 150x stake. It’s possible to bet on as many numbers as you like. The payouts depend on the probability of that total appearing from the dice roll. For example, the totals 3 and 18 have the lowest probability of occurring, so they award 150x stake, while 10 and 11 have the highest chance of occurring, so they pay 5x stake.

The Lightning Multipliers applied depend on the number totals. The higher the probability, the lower the Multiplier and the lower the probability the higher the Multiplier. This means 3 and 18 can award a payout of up to 999 to 1, while 10 and 11 can only award up to 49 to 1.

Lightning Dice Game Screen


To play Lightning Dice, select your coin value and place your bets on the betting grid. Bet could be anything from one number to all 16 number totals. One you’ve placed your bets, it’s time for the Lightning to strike, which will add a Multiplier to random numbers on the betting grid – the Lightning could strike one number or several numbers.

Once the Lightning Multipliers are added, the dealer will drop the dice into the golden tower, which contains a maze structure. The dealer then pulls a lever to send the dice falling through the maze, while the camera watches their every tumble. Eventually the dice fall out the bottom of the tower to reveal their totals. The maximum you can win is 1,000x stake if you win a bet on 3 or 18 including the biggest Lightning Multiplier. 


Lightning Dice is played in a glamorous online studio decorated in an Art Deco style with a sophisticated black and gold colour scheme. The dealer stands to the side of the maze tower though which the dice will drop and the betting grid at the bottom of the screen allows you to place your bets easily on your chosen number totals.

NOTE: There is no ‘auto bet’ option so you need to remember to place your bets manually each time.

Chip denominations are 0.50, 2, 5, 25 and 100. There is also a ‘double’ button to easily double your bets and a ‘bet on all’ button to place bets on every number total. The payouts from each number are displayed on the betting grid, so you can see your potential return, while the Multipliers are indicated by a gold square.



You have the option to bet on all the number totals in Lightning Dice, which will allow a win on every roll. However, due to the house edge (you don’t win EVERY time) you will eventually run down your bank roll and you’ll be reliant on hitting lots of Lightning Multipliers. Also, as not all number totals receive equal payouts, this strategy isn’t a good bet.


Another popular strategy is to bet on the most common number totals, which are 10 and 11, or a combination of the most common totals, say 3 numbers from 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. This is a lower-risk strategy as these numbers appear most often. These numbers will pay up to 7x stake for a regular payout, while Multipliers can raise this to 50x stake. This strategy has the potential to extend your bankroll and gaming session.


For a higher-risk strategy, bet on the least common number totals (3 and 18), as these have the highest payouts. If you have the bank roll or the nerve to wait for them to roll in, you could receive a payout of 150x stake. If the Lightning Multiplier lands on these numbers this could be boosted to a fantastic 1,000x stake!

The best strategy of all may be to bet on the low-risk numbers and place small wagers on the 3 and 18, just in case they receive a Lightning Multiplier.

Lighting Dice Presenter


Lightning Dice is easy to play and although it doesn’t offer as many betting options as Sic Bo, the simplicity of Lightning Dice makes it ideal for beginners and those new to dice games. The Art Deco design of the studio adds an air of sophistication and the interactive element with the live dealer keeps the action entertaining. This is one of the simpler live games from Evolution and will be perfect for those new to online gaming. Players who are used to the more complex Sic Bo might find this uninvolving but it’s a good introduction and there is constant anticipation as the Lightning Multipliers can strike at random to boost your rewards up to 1,000x. Check out the action in the Evolution studio and enjoy the thrill of a dice roll!